Take Me Out To The Protest

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Diamondback Boycott

Due to the recent passage of the anti-immigrant/xenophobic bill SB1070 -signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer, Chicago Cubs fans will rally against the Arizona Diamondbacks (SB1070) OUTSIDE of Wrigley Field.


WHAT: A protest outside of Wrigley Field Stadium on April 29, 2010 to encourage fans to take a stand against the state of Arizona.

A call to all Chicago Cubs fans attending any of the four games this weekend to not attend or bring signs against SB1070 in solidarity with the people who are being targeted in Arizona.

WHERE: Wrigley Field Stadium (Corner of Addison and Clark) at 12:00 PM CST on Thursday, April 29.

We stand in solidarity with our undocumented/documented Arizona brothers and sisters and will NOT tolerate this unconstitutional racist law here or anywhere. Today AZ, tomorrow?

La Nueva Raza:

“AMERICA, there is no doubt about it; the Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the top contributors to the Republican machine in Arizona that have unanimously voted for the draconian Arizona State Proposition SB1070. This bill will encourage the open racial profiling of “brown people” in a state that has already been racially profiling immigrants for years beginning in the early 2000s when Sheriff Dever and his wife allowed and oftentimes encouraged Arizonan ranchers to “hunt down” border crossers in Cochise County.”

“In 2010, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s 3rd highest Contributor was the Arizona Diamondbacks, who gave $121,600; furthermore, they also contributed $129,500, which ranked as the 18th highest contribution to the Republican Party Committee; and, they gave the 20th highest contribution to Senator McCain—$9,400.3 In USA Today, Ken Kendrick, managing general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, said he doesn’t expect anything for his donations to Arizona Senator John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, stating “I hope to get a good leader for our country.”4 Well, he has to be held accountable for giving to a machine that has targeted immigrants in Arizona, and now the immigrant community in Arizona, and beyond must act to target them in a national boycott against their team.”

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For more information on today’s event, please see the Facebook Page:


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